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Игра: ZORK: Grand Inquisitor

Тип документа : Solution Всего страниц : 10 Текущая : 1


Grand Inquisitor

A Short Explanation

Zork Grand Inquisitor (ZGI) is a semi-non-linear-or-maybe-somehow-linear
Adventure. Therefore this walkthrough is not THE ONLY solution. Feel free to
be creative and not to follow the suggested path, you?ll figure out yourself
if you did well or not (believe me there?s a lot more than being totemized.
Actually a highly painful and bad thing. On a scale of 1 to 10 it probably

Port Frozzle

After having arrived in Port Frozzle, first thing to do, is turning up the
speaker volume at the fish shop (by the way this switch also works as an
in-built regulator of the game?s voice volume). Having the Inquisition
blabbing at a high volume, the way is free to take the Mead Light.

Right next to the fish shop is a hoist kind of thing. Hanging the plastic
(from the Mead Light) on the hook and pulling the lever soon puts a Magic
Lamp at the Adventurers feet (after a short struggle with the most wanted
fish in the Universe). Since the Lamp seems to be broken, it?s time for
Jack?s lamp repair shop. Knocking with the Lamp at the door grants us entry,
a Cigar and the temporary loss of the lamp.

In a dark street corner is a barrel and several Frobozz Electric improved
speaking puppets of the Grand Inquisitor. They are highly flammable, a thing
proven correct, when ignited with the cigar. The barrel on the left provides
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