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Игра: Total Annihilation

Тип документа : Cheats Всего страниц : 1 Текущая : 1

While playing in Skirmish mode, press ENTER then press
the + key and type in the code for the desired effect:

ATM - Gives you 1000 metal and energy.
CDSTART - Starts CD Music.
CLOCK - Adds an in-game clock in the corner of the screen.
CONTOUR# - Displays a 3D contour, # = 1-15.
CONTROL# - Lets you to control a different skirmish AI.
DITHER - Changes line-of-sight shading
DOUBLESHOT - All weapons do twice the damage
HALFSHOT - All weapons do half the damage
ILOSE - Causes you to lose
IWIN - Causes you to win
KILL# - Kills off a player, where # is 0-4
NOENERGY - Drops your energy to 0
NOMETAL - Drops your metal to 0
NOSHAKE - Stops explosion screen shakes
NOWISEE - Full map and disables line of sight
RADAR - 100% radar coverage
SING - Makes units "sing" when given orders.
SHOOTALL - Units will automatically target enemy buildings

SWITCHALT - Lets you switch between squads
with # keys instead of ALT-#keys

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