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Игра: Z

Тип документа : Hint Всего страниц : 7 Текущая : 1


by Martin G., Eric M., Steve K.

03 September 1996

Basic Strategy

In Z the computer player does not play a pre-set strategy but
reacts in real-time to the decisions that the player makes.
Therefore it is not possible to define a sequence of orders for
each level which will guarantee winning a battle. However there is
a basic strategy that should be employed which will establish a
good foothold from which the player can win a level.
All the one player levels are designed so that the two halves of
the battlefield mirror each other. This means that both the
computer and the player each have the same resources available to
them in their half of the map. It therefore follows that as long
as you have control of your half of the map you will be level with
the computer. Managing to capture one more territory will give the
player a slight advantage both in resources and the time taken to
manufacture units in the buildings owned. Understanding this basic
principle is fundamental to developing a winning strategy in any
of the battlefields.
At the start of the game there are some basic moves that you
should make. Give orders for your units to capture the territories
in your half of the map, and any uncaptured hardware contained
within it. Whilst your units are carrying out these orders, use
the time to set up any captured buildings to make the required
units. Once these territories have been captured, you should
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